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Discount Advertising

We offer discount advertising rates across all different types of media- billboards, radio, tram and bus wraps, digital boards and more.
When the media have unsold inventory closer to booking deadlines they often bonus this media to current clients or offer the media at greatly reduced prices. This is where we come in, we can let you know what’s available, and of course suitable for your needs. We can get more value out of your marketing dollar and offer experienced advice on what will work best for you. There are so many offerings available in can be confusing but our team can work with you and make this process simpler for you,
Offering you maximum exposure for minimal cost.

Jeffress Media advertising is very good idea for increase the radio. we are very expert in discount advertising and also have improve the creating opportunity for discount advertising.

There are so many digital advertising options available it can be very confusing, Let the experienced team at Jeffress Media point you in the right direction. Digital advertising can be worked to a fixed budget and you can control who sees your ad As an advertiser you also receive information regarding users and the number of people who click into your ad, or the types of viewers seeing your ad and how long people ‘dwell’ on your ad.

Digital advertising is available 24/7 and offers you immediate results. Jeffress Media has the experience and rates to make the most of this medium for you.

People listen to the radio in many different environments – home, car, office, while shopping. Most discount advertising of radio stations can be streamed on the internet too, which means people are only a click away from looking up your website. Its a great medium for people as they can continue carrying out their activities whilst still listening their discount advertising of favorite station.

The great part about advertising of radio for advertisers is that you can book today and the ad can be running tomorrow. It offers a cost effective solution for advertisers, instead of thousands of dollars for a television commercial, radio productions cost a few hundred dollars and can be produced the same day.

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