“Dakin Mayers has been dealing with the Jeffress team since 2011 and would like to commend them on the great job they do looking after our advertising requirements.

They are always polite, helpful and happy to go that extra mile to get the best price and position with a quick turnaround.

We are extremely happy with the service they provide and feel confident to recommend them for any advertising needs.”

Phillip Mayers
Dakin Mayers


We’re able to look after all your print needs such as magazines, journals and newspapers. We can offer publications with a broad media base such as a major national newspaper to a more targeted publication such as a local newspaper or an inflight magazine.

At Jeffress Media we can looks after your classified advertising which allows your organisation to purchase a small narrowly targeted ad for a low fee. These ads appear in the classified section of a publication This may be to advertise recruitment or a trade or service.

Another type of press ad is the display ad which is a larger ad that has a broader audience as it appears in the main part of the publication. This is great for advertising a product or service with a wider reach.

Jeffress Media has access to reduced rates and distressed space in this traditional media. We design your ad at no cost. You only pay for the media space we book – and of course its at a great rate.